Digitalizační centrum VÚGTK, v.v.i.

Digitalization with precise cartometric scanner ScannTech

Digitizing center in Research Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Topography offers documents digitizing with large format flatbed scanner ScannTech.

ScannTech is non-contact table scanner of A0+ format with possibility to digitize artworks which can not be digitize with common large format scanner. Digitizing with this type of scanner is the most suitable for old and valuable artworks, damaged documents and maps taped by thick pasteboard.

The scanner is equipped by cradle so books and large atlases (up to A1 format) can be safely and well digitized. The scanner accuracy is regularly tested and the scanner has certification for maps digitizing with high accuracy

Scanner technical parameters:

Optical resolution up to 800dpi, maximum format of maps 914 x 1200 mm (format A0+), color depth 24 bits, saving in various rastr formats.


Our digitization centre has a specialized device for scanning globes. This device allows safe and gentle digitization of globes ranging from 5 cm to 120 cm in diameter.

The results of globe digitization are:

  • virtual 3D model in KML format,
  • globe transformed into a plane (“flat” map) in Tiff format.

Example of digitized globes can be found at


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