Přednáška Ing. Josefa Šuráně, CSc. ve VÚGTK (24.11. 2004) Sjednocená fyzikální teorie

A new (hitherto unpublished) original theory is presented
on the following pages.

Its title is:

A Deductive Theory of Space-Time and the Universe"

It unifies
quantum theory, relativity and the theory of the electromagnetic field.
It also deals with cosmology and the phenomenon of life.


Its author

Josef Šuráň

holds a MSc degree from the Technical University - Military Technical Academy in Brno,
and a PhD degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague.

   E N T E R  

Appreciation is expressed to the staff of the Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography at Zdiby near Prague, as well as to the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and to Messers. Ales Cepek PhD, senior lecturer, and Petr Soucek, MSc, of The Department of geodesy and cartography, in particular. Both these institutions assisted the author during preparation of the relevant form of the text of this work for its displaying on the INTERNET. The author also appreciates their willingness to provide their servers for this purpose.

Eventual printed copies of this work protected by copyright, or of its parts, are only for personal use and may not be sold or disseminated otherwise for commercial purposes.

Note to the last version: In this version of the theory, a new Appendix, XI, and a short passage of the text to Chapter 13, B was added.