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Termíny oboru fotogrammetrie a DPZ (250)
absolute flight height; absolute flying height (F)
absolute orientation (F)
absorption (F)
absorption band (F)
active remote sensing (F)
aerial (survey) photo(graph) (F)
aerial baseline (F)
aerial camera working cycle (F)
aerial carrier (F)
aerial photogrammetry (F)
aerial photograph (F)
aerial remote sensing (F)
aerial strip triangulation (F)
aerial triangulation (F)
aeroplane (F)
airborne laser scanning (ALS) (F)
aircraft (F)
albedo (F)
anaglyph (F)
analogue photogrammetry (F)
analytical aerotriangulation (F)
analytical photogrammetry (F)
analytical satellite triangulation (F)
angle of view (F)
array camera (F)
artificial stereo(scopic) vision (F)
atmospheric haze (F)
attitude (F)
automatic (digital) aerotriangulation (F)
backscatter (F)
base-to-height ratio, b/h ratio (F)
beam width (F)
black body (F)
black body radiation (F)
black body temperature (F)
block aerial triangulation (F)
bundle block adjustment (F)
bundle of rays (F)
calibrated focal length (F)
camera calibration (F)
carrier (F)
centre of photo(graph) (F)
close range photogrammetry (F)
coherent radiation (F)
colour film, color film (US) (F)
colour infrared film, false colour film, spectrozonal film, color infrared film (US), falze color film (US) (F)
condition of colinearity (F)
condition of complanarity (F)
convergence case of photography (F)
crystal eyes (F)
cut line, cutting line (F)
decentring lens distortion, decentering lens distortion (US) (F)
diffuse reflection (F)
digital camera (F)
digital image processing (F)
digital image record (F)
digital photogrammetric workstation (DPW) (F)
digital photogrammetry (F)
drone (F)
Earth resources satellite (F)
edge sharpness (F)
electromagnetic radiation (F)
elements of exterior orientation (F)
elements of interior orientation (F)
emissivity (F)
engineering photogrammetry (F)
environmental satellite (F)
epipolar geometry (F)
epipolar transformation (F)
exposure (F)
false-colour, false-color (US) (F)
far-infrared radiation (F)
fiducial mark (F)
field of view (F)
flight line (F)
flying laboratory (F)
FMC (forward motion compensation) (F)
focal length (F)
Fourier analysis (F)
frequency band (F)
geometrical correction, geometric correction (US) (F)
gimbal (F)
gradation (F)
ground control point (F)
ground spatial resolution (F)
halation (F)
height of fictious reference plane (F)
histogram (F)
horizontal parallax (F)
image (F)
image coordinates (F)
image correlation (F)
image detector (F)
image distortion (F)
image motion (F)
image nadir (F)
image plane (F)
image point (F)
image processing (F)
image sensor (F)
incident angle (F)
inertial measuring unit (IMU) (F)
infrared band (F)
infrared film (F)
infrared image (F)
infrared radiation (F)
instantaneous field of view (IFOV) (F)
interferometric baseline (F)
interpuppilary distance (F)
intersection photogrammetry (F)
irradiation (F)
irradiation of the Earth's surface (F)
laser beam divergence (F)
laser scanner (F)
laser scanning (F)
lateral tilt, roll (US) (F)
lens distortion (F)
long-wave irradiation (F)
longitudinal tilt, pitch (USA) (F)
look angle (F)
luminosity, brightness (US) (F)
micro photogrammetry (F)
microwave radiation (F)
mirror reflection (F)
model coordinates (F)
multi image photogrammetry (F)
multicopter (F)
multispectral aerial photograph (F)
multispectral image (F)
multispectral scanner (F)
multispectral sensing (F)
natural source of radiation, natural radiation source (F)
natural stereo(scopic) vision (F)
near-infrared band (F)
near-infrared radiation (F)
neighbouring photo strip distance, neighboring photo strip distance (US) (F)
normal case of stereophotogrammetry (F)
oblique photo(graph) (F)
optical radiation (F)
orbital height, orbital altitude (F)
orbital path (F)
orthophoto (F)
orthophotograph, orthorectified image (F)
orthophotomap (F)
orthorectification, differential rectification (F)
ortogonalization, orthorectification (F)
overlap, end lap, endlap, forward lap (F)
panchromatic film (F)
pansharpening (F)
passive remote sensing (F)
passive sensor (F)
permeability zone (F)
perspective centre (F)
phase (F)
photo frame data (F)
photo rectifying, photo rectification (F)
photogrammetric mapping (F)
photogrammetric targeting (F)
photogrammetry (F)
photointerpretation (F)
photomap (F)
photomosaic (F)
photoplan (F)
pixel (F)
platform coordinate reference system (F)
polarisation resolution, polarization (US) (F)
polarized glasses (F)
principal (image) point (F)
principal point of autocollimation (F)
projection centre (F)
pushbroom sensor (F)
radar image (F)
radar remote sensing (F)
radar shadow (F)
radial displacement (F)
radial distance (F)
radial lens distortion (F)
radiance (F)
radiation intensity (F)
radiation of the Earth (F)
radiometric correction (F)
radiometric resolution (F)
real-time photogrammetry (F)
reflected radiation (F)
reflection (F)
reflector (F)
relative flight height, relative flying hight (F)
relative orientation (F)
remote pilot (F)
remote pilot station (F)
remote piloted aircraft (RPA) (F)
remote sensing (F)
remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) (F)
resolution of photographic material (F)
resolving power (F)
roentgen photogrammetry (F)
RPA observer (F)
satellite image (F)
satellite photogrammetry (F)
scan (F)
scanned image (F)
scanning frequency (F)
scattering (F)
scene (F)
semianalytical aerial triangulation (F)
sensor (F)
sensor (F)
short wave infrared radiation (SWIR) (F)
short-wave irradiation (F)
sidelap, side lap, cross overlap (F)
signal noise (F)
signal/noise ratio (F)
single image photogrammetry (F)
soil emissivity (F)
space remote sensing (F)
spectral band (F)
spectral characteristics (F)
spectral reflectance (F)
spectral reflection (F)
spectral resolution (F)
spectral sensitivity (F)
spectral signature (F)
spectrozonal image (F)
stereo pair (F)
stereo photogrammetry (F)
stereoscopic coverage (F)
survey flight (F)
survey flight navigation (F)
swing angle, yaw (US) (F)
synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) (F)
terrestrial photogrammetry (F)
terrestrial photograph (F)
thermal radiation (F)
thermal-infrared band (F)
thermographic image (F)
thre-line camera (F)
tie point connecting (F)
time base method (F)
transformation of raster image (F)
true orthophoto (F)
ultraviolet radiation (F)
unmanned aircraft (UA) (F)
unmanned aircraft system (UAS) (F)
vertical parallax (F)
vertical photo(graph) (F)
very close range photogrammetry (F)
view axis, scene axis (F)
visible radiation (F)
visual interpretation of aerial photographs (F)
whiskbroom sensor (F)
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