Research department Geodesy and Geodynamics

Research activities:

  • scientific aspects of GNSS positioning method
  • deatiled description os Earth's gravity field and mathematical methods of physical geodesy
  • dynamics of man-made satellites' trajectories and satellite methods of Earth's gravity field study
  • research into periodic variations of Earth's gravity field (tidal effects)
  • research into recent crustal movements
  • study of Earth's rotation

Geodetic Observatory Pecný


Geodetic Observatory Pecný is experimental geodetic research facility. The observatory is equipped with devices for astrometric, gravimetric and GPS observations, tidal forces laboratory and thermal chamber. It's also equipped for testing of geodetic instruments, GPS devices and gravimeters. In the vicinity stand testing geodetic point field and testing GPS base.

The observatory is part of the reference GPS network of the Czech Republic, one of basic height points, an absolute gravity point and a comparative astronomical point of czechoslovak astronomical-geodetic network and a station in new European reference frame GPS - EUREF.

International cooperation

The department works on its projects with various foreign scientific institutions - NOAA, Silver Springs, GeoForschungsZentrum and many others united in IAG and Section C of Central European Initiative. The department also runs several EUREF analysis subcentres - GOPE (permanent GPS observations processing for EUREF Permanent Network), subcentre for calculation of precise NAVSTAR satellite positions in quasireal time and subcentre for GPS Meteorology - determining water vapour content in atmosphere from GPS observations

Department's staff hold scientific positions in IAG and other foreign scientific organisations and are members of several international scientific journals' editorial boards.

Other activities

  • educational activities - teaching at czech universities (Czech Technical University in Prague, Charles University) and specialized seminars
  • membership in standardization and terminology committees
  • reviews of professional articles, books, etc.
  • consulting services
  • special geodetic works involving GPS technology
  • calibration and certification of GPS devices